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About V-Aide

V-Aide recognizes that small business owners are overworked primarily because much of their time is spent doing ordinary stuff like book-keeping, contact management, creating marketing materials, IT issues, administrative stuff, etc. V-Aide was created to free up the time of the small business owner to allow them to focus on growing their business rather than spending time on maintaining the ecosystem necessary for it to function.

Our Team

  • Avani ShahFounder

    Avani worked her way up from humble beginnings to become the Vice President of a service-oriented company before founding V-Aide. Her extensive interaction with small businesses in that capacity revealed a dire need for a simplified system of process delegation & management.
  • Roger ParkerPresident

    Roger has wide-ranging experience in consulting with both small and Fortune 500 companies. This combined with his resourcefulness, 'whatever-it-takes' attitude, and knack for process automation ensures high-quality work that uses the most optimal path.
  • Account ManagersBusiness Analysis/Project Management

    Our account managers work with you to understand your business, the issues you are facing, and how best to help you. They will be your speed-dial help for any issue that you need assistance on since they are experienced in both business analysis and project management.
  • Virtual AidesVirtual Assistants

    Our Virtual Aides are qualified, pre-screened, and professional. They are experts in their respective domain and well-versed in the features of the software that they use.