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V-Aide provides a one-stop-shop help for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB). Our goal is to help entrepreneurs focus on growing their business while we take care of ancillary stuff.

Below are a few ways we can help:

  • Bookkeeping & Accounting
  • Traditional Marketing Support
  • Social Media Marketing Support
  • Contact Management
  • Website/E-Commerce Setup
  • Data Management & Backup
  • Business Plan Development
  • Business Analysis & Consulting
  • General Administrative Services
  • Specialized Assistance


How you save time & money with V-Aide:

  • Save time on finding and hiring qualified
        contractors for each separate project
  • Save time on project management
  • Save money on employees’:
            - FICA (SS, Medicare)
            - FUTA (Unemployment, Disability)
            - Benefits (Health, OT, Retirement)
            - Non-productive hours
              (sick/vacation/lunch breaks)
  • Save money on office space
  • Save money on office equipment
  • Save money on office supplies
  • Save money on hardware
  • Save money on software
  • Save money on training costs
  • Save money on agency fees

Our Team

  • Avani Shah
  • Roger Parker
  • Cecilia Perez
    Virtual Aide
  • Erin Hart
    Virtual Aide
  • Sophie Jensen
    Virtual Aide

Contact Us

  • Phone: (510) MY-VAIDE / (510) 698-2433
  • E-mail:

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